Release Notes

  • Tapicker v3.13.6
    1. 🐛 Export to XLSX fails when column content exceeds 32,767 characters
    2. 🐛 Unable to update reference of dynamic column after deleting column
    3. ⚡️ Prevent unexpected termination in running recipe to improve stability
    4. 💬 Column content exceeding 255 characters will be ignored in XLS
  • Tapicker v3.13.4
    1. The data source of Select Option node can be referenced from loop
    2. 🐛 The problem that the filter may be lost in some cases
    3. 🐛 Unable to extract data from itself after setting row filter
    4. ⚡️ Clicking on the recipe card brings up the launchpad directly
    5. ⚡️ Improve some small and scattered user experience
  • Tapicker v3.12.8
    1. 💬 This version adds three advanced features and multiple improvements
    2. ✨ Table columns support setting whether to store
    3. ✨ Table columns support dynamic logical assignment
    4. ✨ Add a powerful Execute Condition node
    5. 🐛 Errors may occur when viewing data causing a white screen
    6. 🐛 Text filter does not work on Click Element node
    7. 🐛 Unable to reference data when adding first node in Enter Loop node
    8. 🐛 Invalid transfer set when column's data referenced from loop
    9. 🐛 Editing child nodes after duplicating a Enter Loop node will affect each other
    10. 🐛 Unable to edit nodes in some cases
    11. ⚡️ Adding a loop node no longer automatically adds child nodes
    12. ⚡️ Wait for the page until the page changes to support custom monitoring scope
  • Tapicker v3.9.7
    1. 🐛 "Click the next page of the current page" doesn't work on some sites
  • Tapicker v3.9.6
    1. 🐛 Fix some bugs
    2. ⚡️ Recipe list loading speed increased by 3x+
    3. ⚡️ Overlong characters are displayed via Tooltip when viewing data
    4. ⚡️ After exporting data automatic memory data format to preference
  • Tapicker v3.9.2
    1. All nodes support error handling
    2. 🐛 Fix some elements click failure
    3. ⚡️ Improve some user experience
  • Tapicker v3.8.18
    1. 🐛 Cannot execute multiple recipes at the same time
    2. 🐛 In some cases, dragging the recipe tab would cause it to disappear
    3. ⚡️ Improve stability and reduce memory usage
    4. ⚡️ Layout when the column name is too long
    5. ⚡️ Updating the "About" page
    6. ⚡️ Adjust the style of some pages
  • Tapicker v3.8.12
    1. ✨ Provide training ground to practice extracting data
    2. Alternate selectors and filters can be set on the target element of all nodes
    3. 🐛 Unable to generate new selectors when class selectors are disabled on some pages
    4. 🐛 Tasks are not exited after waiting for page load timeout
    5. 🐛 After deleting a column and then adding a column with the same name, the column cannot be displayed
    6. 🐛 Autofocus error issue with Click Element node
    7. 🐛 Click Element node cannot preview
    8. ⚡️ Change the selector generation algorithm, the generated selector is shorter
    9. ⚡️ Display a horizontal scroll bar when viewing data to solve the problem that the mouse cannot scroll horizontally
    10. ⚡️ Remove the extracted flag, it caused more problems than benefits
    11. ⚡️ Smarter generation of table selector
  • Tapicker v3.6.6
    1. ✨ The column can refer to the data of table
    2. Flags of pattern can be set
    3. 🐛 Some shortcut keys conflict with Chrome
    4. 🐛 New data export engine
    5. ⚡️ Add a new option "openInNewTab" to the Click Element node
    6. ⚡️ Integrate the Dump option into table name input box
    7. ⚡️ Pattern matching uses column delimiters
    8. ⚡️ Columns can set custom fixed values
    9. ⚡️ Display row numbers in data previewer
  • Tapicker v3.4.18
    1. 💬 This version adds three advanced features and multiple improvements
    2. ✨ Supports setting default startup parameters for recipes
    3. ✨ Support for setting custom dilimiter for columns
    4. ✨ Support for custom sorting recipe tabs
    5. 🐛 Adding a unique index but has no effect
    6. 🐛 Cannot continue referencing a loop inside a loop
    7. 🐛 Can't find own recipes when adding webhook
    8. 🐛 Sign up fails when the avatar link is too long
    9. 🐛 In some cases, the recipe editor was not automatically opened when editing a recipe
    10. ⚡️ Add recipeId and tableId fields to the callback data of Webhook
    11. ⚡️ No longer shows the number of recipes on the tab (reason: not enough slots)
    12. ⚡️ Reset scroll to top after switching tabs in recipe list
    13. ⚡️ Prevent unnecessary refreshes when creating browser tabs
    14. ⚡️ Create/edit recipes in a new tab without disturbing the current tab
    15. ⚡️ Automatically sync recipes to latest state when editing the same recipe in multiple tabs
    16. ⚡️ Lazy loading of recipe Meta information and Favicon to improve rendering speed
    17. ⚡️ Updating the Privacy Policy and Terms of Service
  • Tapicker v3.1.10
    1. Click Element and other nodes supports referencing Table columns
    2. 🐛 Clicking on anchor element with JS call causes error
    3. 🐛 The data's meta info is referenced in the wrong place
    4. 🐛 Reference loop info fails without any prompt
    5. 🐛 Sign up fails when the avatar link is too long
    6. 🐛 Nodes cannot be edited after 3 levels of loop nesting
    7. 🐛 Always overridden by the default value when editing a column
    8. 🐛 Shortcut keys are accidentally touched in some complex scenes
    9. ⚡️ Turn off the ability to refer to variables in selectors (confusing interaction)
    10. ⚡️ Improve the compatibility of "click the next page of the current page"
  • Tapicker v3.0.2
    1. 🐛 Scrape terminated without reason
    2. 🐛 Layout of the not logged in prompt page
  • Tapicker v3.0.0
    1. ✨ Add an account info page
    2. More friendly free plan (recipe creation is now supported)
    3. 🐛 The unique index is not updated after the column is dropped
    4. ⚡️ Change the judgment logic of waiting for the page to load
    5. ⚡️ Adjust the default format for exported data
    6. ⚡️ Clean up broken/non-working public recipes
    7. ⚡️ Enable a brand new dedicated domain
    8. ⚡️ Enable a new icon and name
  • Tapicker v2.0.58
    1. 🐛 Unable to create/edit recipes on first install
    2. 🐛 When previewing the "Extract Data" node, the number of data rows extracted is displayed incorrectly
  • Tapicker v2.0.56
    1. Support one-click copy node
    2. Automatically save filters to preferences
    3. ✨ Support for sorting by ID when viewing data
    4. 🐛 Incorrectly trigger shortcut keys when typing text
    5. ⚡️ Show unsaved icon after recipe change
    6. ⚡️ Optimize the table style of the data viewer
    7. ⚡️ Recipe list using skeleton screen Loading
    8. ⚡️ Hide ugly scrollbars under Windows
    9. ⚡️ Use in incognito mode (Editor login status loss has not been resolved)
  • Tapicker v2.0.48
    1. ✨ Add 1-based index
    2. Add "Forward" and "Backward" nodes
    3. Add "Activate" and "Close" Tab nodes
    4. ✨ Add openInNewTab option to "Click Element" node
    5. Supports fuzzy search for recipe names
    6. 🐛 Unable to detect if some sites loaded successfully
    7. ⚡️ Open the corresponding page when editing a recipe
    8. ⚡️ Displays the total number of data successfully extracted
    9. ⚡️ Improve the loading speed of the recipe list
    10. ⚡️ Change the default filename for exported data
    11. ⚡️ Can be replaced with empty when replacing data
    12. ⚡️ Close the Popup after successful launch recipe
    13. ⚡️ Task allocation logic and log display
  • Tapicker v2.0.36
    1. Supports referencing variables in selectors
    2. ✨ Support to control whether to end the task when no row is found
    3. 🐛 Can't add first node inside loop node
    4. 🐛 Reference error when loop info does not exist
    5. 🐛 Unable to reference Table data
    6. 🐛 Failed to set initial preset
    7. ⚡️ Prompt that recipes cannot be created on a blank page
  • Tapicker v2.0.26
    1. Supports setting filters for Row
    2. ✨ Open the welcome page after successful installation
    3. 🐛 Close Inspector after closing Finder
    4. 🐛 Cannot send messages to Editor in some cases
    5. 🐛 Prevent Editor and Recorder from being selected after opening Finder
    6. ⚡️ Show editor using ShadowDOM container
    7. ⚡️ Generate random Loop Name and Table Name automatically
    8. ⚡️ Update dark mode style
  • Tapicker v2.0.16
    1. ✨ Add an about page
    2. ✨ Supports scrolling after scrolling again
    3. Supports extracting background images from pages
    4. ⚡️ Filter by element inner text to prevent duplicate extraction
    5. ⚡️ Domain filtering is turned off by default in the recipe list
    6. ⚡️ Show default icon when target site's favicon fails to load
    7. ⚡️ Sort nodes based on frequency of use
    8. ⚡️ Update template data
  • Tapicker v2.0.8
    1. Supports one-click filling in of current link
    2. 🐛 Fixed an editor error caused when a node loses focus
    3. 🐛 Fixed an error on some pages when not logged in
    4. 🐛 Fixed an issue where row selectors could not be generated in some scenarios
    5. 🐛 Fixed an error that could occur when dragging nodes
    6. ⚡️ The recipe list is sorted by update time by default
    7. ⚡️ Cannot save when no columns are added
  • Tapicker v2.0.0
    1. 🎉 A brand new version, an important milestone
    2. ⚡️ Improved in many aspects, bringing new experience
    3. 💥 No longer compatible with 1.x recipes
  • Tapicker v1.1.0
    1. Supports extracting data from outside the row
    2. ✨ Supports extracting current page link and current time
    3. ✨ Supports English and Chinese languages
    4. 🐛 Fixed page scrolling failure on YouTube
    5. 🐛 Fixed an issue where automatic next page scraping failed
    6. 🐛 Fixed an issue where columns with the same name failed to save
    7. ⚡️ Recipe introduction is required
    8. ⚡️ Beautify HTML code
  • Tapicker v1.0.0
    1. 🎉 First release 🥳👏