Tapicker is a powerful and easy to use no-code web data scraper

Scraping data has never been easier, you don't need to write any code. Easily scrape data from any websites with just a few clicks!

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Extract data in just 3 simple steps

1.Open A Website

Open the website from which you want to extract data

2.Find A Recipe

Find a recipe that works on this site and start it

3.Export The Data

Export scraped data and use it anywhere

Highlight Features

Free public recipes
We have tons of publicly available recipes for free and growing
Next page automation
Support automatic next page scraping when you extract the list data
Visual recipe editor
We provide a visual recipe editor that can easily develop recipes
Easy to use UI
We have an easy-to-use UI to minimize your learning costs
Data export support
You can export data to common files, eg: .xlsx, .csv, .json or .xml
Web hook support
You can easily push data to your server via web hooks

We can scrape data from any website

Yes, that's right, any website! As long as you have access to it, you can scrape data from it.

Data Private & Security

The data you scrape is stored in your browser, we do not upload it, let alone sell it. Other users can't see it either, so your data is very safe. Of course, if you uninstall the Tapicker extension from your browser, your data will be lost. If you must do this, please export the data first, and then report your bad experience to us. Bug Report: https://github.com/ibyetool/tapicker-docs/issues Email: [email protected]

What users say?

Amy Yang

Tushar Mukherjee

HR Manager at Skyread Digital
This is a great app and it makes my job very easy. Aside from interviewing candidates, most of my day-to-day work is looking for talent on LinkedIn and Indeed. When I find a suitable resume, I need to add it to my resume library in a unified format to manage them easily. I have also used many data extraction tools before, such as: Instant Data Scraper, Data Miner, etc., but none of them support my work very well. After I met Tapicker, it not only saves me a lot of time and effort, it's a great and easy to use tool. Really really hepful, cheers:)

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