Basic Concepts

What's Recipe?

The recipe is a collection of action instructions that Tapicker uses to extract data.

When you visit a website, Tapicker will automatically match you with available recipes. If it doesn't match, it means you have to create your own recipe! If you encounter difficulties when creating a recipe, you can go to Video Tutorials to learn, or contact the official ([email protected]) for free assistance.


Recipes can be self-created, shared publicly, or pinned, so recipes are divided into 3 categories:

  • Public Recipes - Publicly shared recipes (from any user)
  • Pinned Recipes - Pinned recipes (Commonly used recipes suggest pinning it)
  • My Recipes - Your own recipes (you can manage your own recipes here)

What does recipe metadata mean?

Recipe card in normal state


  1. Indicates that the recipe is "public" or "private"
  2. Indicates how many people have pinned the recipe
  3. Indicates the number of data rows extracted by this recipe
  4. Indicates the last time the recipe was used

What operations does the recipe support?

Recipe card in hover state


  1. scrape - Use this recipe to scrape data from a page
  2. Pin/Unpin - Pin this recipe or unpin it
  3. Copy - Copy this recipe (Pro plan required)
  4. Edit - Edit this recipe (can only edit own recipes)
  5. Delete - Deletes this recipe (can only delete own recipes)

Will the recipe fail?

Yes, the recipe may fail! Because the rules for extracting data depend on the HTML structure of the web page, the recipe may fail if the web page is updated.