• How to extract data from website to Excel (3 easy steps)

    3 min read

    On a Friday morning in 2023, Molly is hard at work writing a marketing plan at her computer.

    After completing this, she can sleep until she wakes up naturally on weekends, and then go out to date with friends and enjoy a delicious meal.

    At this moment, the boss came over suddenly, patted her on the shoulder and said, "Hey, Molly, do something for me!"

    Molly thought, it's over, the wonderful weekend may be ruined! Asked "Is there anything I can do? Boss."

    The boss said "Our new product has been released on Amazon for a while, can you help me organize the product reviews into an Excel sheet and hand it to me before I get off work today?"

    Although Molly was reluctant, she had no choice but to reply, "Okay! Boss."

  • Scrape user profiles in seconds with LinkedIn Scraper

    5 min read

    LinkedIn is one of the largest social media platforms for professionals around the world. It has over 740 million active users, making it a goldmine for businesses looking to find leads, potential hires, or even new business opportunities.

    While LinkedIn offers its own set of tools to search for users and companies, it may not always provide the specific data that businesses need to achieve their objectives. As a result, many businesses turn to web scraping or LinkedIn data scraping tools to gather the information they need.